The hulking FENRIR prototype slowly closes in on its prey. Its claws grip the concrete as it readies itself for a strike at the girl priming a grenade. It surges forward, bounding across the gap with inhuman speed and spins, bringing its claws and barbed tail around for a lethal slash, scourging long rents in the floor as it whips towards its prey.

As the grenade leaves Moroe's grip and lofts towards the creature as she dives for safety, firing her rifle all the while, the monster's attack changes trajectories as it flicks its tail up to swat the grenade away, the explosive arcing off into the darkness before detonating high in the air, briefly illuminating the room in a harsh orange glow. The interior of the room is visible for a scant few seconds-heavy steel and titanium reinforcement bands line the walls, and short-circuited equipment, designed to hold the beast in safe containment, is bolted to the ceiling, out of harms way. A keypad and airlock are visible on the far wall of the vast room, the quartz window of the door glinting for split second before the darkness rushes back in to fill the void and red-hot shrapnel comes slashing down from the dim vaults of the warehouse ceiling.

The explosion rings loudly throughout the enclosed space, echoing in a deafening cacophony throughout the darkness, and the behemoth roars a defiant response, it's inhuman bellow merely adding to the chaotic noises bouncing off the steel walls. It redoubles its efforts, jaws snapping and claws slashing as it chases after the girl it seeks to slay, bony armor rattling like the specter of death come to claim another soul. Moroe, to her credit, manages to stay one step ahead of the monster, her adrenaline pumping and reflexes afire as her finely tuned soldier's instincts scream at her to find an exit or a way to put some distance between her and the gnashing cloud of teeth and spines; but she is human, and the bio-engineered monstrosity that seeks to consumer her is not. It's rapidly wearing down her endurance, and soon, she'll be too tired to evade the certain death that the creature offers at the end of its wickedly sharp weapons. Her mind races as she tries to evaluate her rapidly dwindling list of options.