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    Default [4e] RB OOC Thread 2 (all welcome to post)

    Hello their, here is the second OOC thread for our campaign! Hope you enjoy, and here are the characters!

    (and also the first thread): http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=198088

    Mooncat, playing as Bast Halfcresent, a female Razorclaw Shifter Scout. Icon

    Blueghost, playing as Juniper Xander, a male Half-Elf Bardic Paladin. Icon

    Absolmorph, playing as Teodor, a male Genasi Warlord. Icon

    Ranger Mattos, playing as Carric Theolon, a male Elf Fighter. Icon

    Teddy, playing as Elden, a male Elf Invoker. Icon

    Pink Hair August, playing as Adalhard Nikolayevich Abezgauz, a male Eladrin Swordmage. Icon

    Character Sheets: Bast





    Adalhard, Page 2

    The current state of affairs is with our party beating up a (fake) drow fortune teller. Hooray!

    House Rule List: Using Surrealistik's house rules in regards to the free feats, and ritual rules, though with a few changes. You can use a surge to replace the component cost on any ritual, not limited to half your level as in the before mentioned base rules, and if you're out of surges you can lose hp equal to your surge value in it's place.

    You can also used surges to increase the knowledge check needed by 5, but there is a three surge limit. There are also some "by the case" things that you'd need to ask me about (for instance, Phantom Steed gets easier if you summon less horses). This is essentially blood magic.

    Another thing, difficult does not increase as you level up. Beating down a locked wooden door will always be the same check. If a door is wooden and locked at level 1 and it has, say, 20 DC to break it down, the identical door will still have 20 DC to break down at level 30.

    Concerning multiclassing, it's instead more like hybridizing. When you pick up a multiclass feat, which must be obtained through plot methods (no just suddenly gaining berserker powers) you can pick from any abilities of the correct level from your multiclassed class. However, you must have your primary class's abilities as the majority. Additionally, since different multiclass feats do different things (some give you atwills as encounters, some just give stat training) what your feat actually DOES is a case by case basis. As you get stronger you'll also gain more benefits from the multiclass, again as a case by case basis (using an example, at Paragon tier Juniper will be able to minor action sanction a guy at will instead of encounter).
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