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    Are you still looking for a programmer at this point? I often lament not having interesting projects, and didn't see this thread when it was first created. I could probably throw together a decent implementation of Crossing Swords and maybe a quick pygame interface in a day or two. I have pretty minimal experience with UI and graphics, but I'm quite good at laying out (game/business) logic as well as debugging, and I'm rapidly gaining experience with encapsulation and useful design patterns.

    There are a fairly large number of rule ambiguities in that sample game, though, which bug me when laying out the rules interactions. The most egregious is the "Halt" action, which has a surprisingly high number of hard-to-resolve interactions, most of which would probably rely on the host's judgement, since they aren't clearly defined. Halt loops, two people halting one person who is halting one of those two, and so forth. I don't think I know enough graph theory for this.

    EDIT: Ah, I see... run a recursive check up halters, until you find a halter without dependencies, or until the halter is solely dependent on an already-checked halter. Glad I could find the correct algorithmic solution.

    EDIT 2: Submitted quick code prototype; the fun part is making pretty rule transcription and code structure, as usual, but adding a GUI isn't that terrible.
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