So many options and ideas...

Steal the tribute to make this place close down faster...

Go to the meeting place and see whats going on. Especially when he knows that Father Bright wont be there since he knows that creature is confined in the church.

Hide in one of the boxes of tribute and well... do the same as above but in a more flamboyant way.

Ishmael shakes his head... possibilities yes... but also danger. In the end his mission was not to destroy the orphanage or stop the Pelorite operations but rather to ensure that he got his hands on the living, breathing Gabriel Parahelios.


Thats the guy the Duchess asked for... I got info on him here:

As such he continues searching a bit to find anything related to this man. More importantly not just evidence of wrong doing but even correspondence that may hold his address or habits or anything of this short.