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    Default Re: [Rail IC] Academy City III: Abusive Physics Never End!

    The massive monster chasing Moroe is all fangs and fury, the product of genetic experimentation and brainwave transfer designed to produce literal biological weapons, and she is, alas, simply a small girl with training meant for people older and larger than she is. So her decision to attempt to level the playing field with explosives and weapons-grade acid is fairly reasonable; after all, it is as they say: There are no personal problems that cannot be solved with the proper application of high explosives.

    She scrambles to reach her sack of tricks, frantically weaving and dodging the beast's razor sharp talons, thinking distinctly un-foodlike thoughts at the creature as it strives to reduce her to a red smear on the dark concrete floor. With one deft roll, she brings herself into grabbing distance, and as her fingers close on her target, wrapping firmly around the acid-fueled demolition device, she is suddenly slammed forward into the ground with bone-rattling force as the creature finally catches her and lands a solid blow, claws tearing through ballistic armor as though it were tissue paper as they wrap firmly around her torso.

    Her head rams into the hard concrete as she is shoved roughly to the ground, and she is sure she can hear her brain vibrating insider her skull, bright lights flashing in front of her eyes. The weight crushing her down, nearly breaking her ribs, was far more disconcerting, however- it meant that the beast had finally caught her, and now had her pinned beneath one of its dangerously sharp paws. Worse, she couldn't wiggle her arms free, and she needed to get that bomb onto the creature's hide; to HURT it, at least, before it turned her into an hors d'oeuvre. The creature leans forward, eclipsing the faint light that suffuses the room, and a low, rumbling growl escapes its maw as it leans down to begin feeding.

    The monster is pleased with itself. The food had been difficult to catch; and it was infuriatingly difficult to keep pinned as it squirmed underneath it's substantial weight. All the more reason to enjoy this meal, it decides; the hunt had been...amusing. The creature licks a smear of blood from its free claw, sampling the flavor of its catch, and blinks.

    Looks like food, smells like food, tastes like not-food?

    It tilts its head and glowers at its prey, studying Moroe's wide-eyed face. It leans close, hot, rank breath washing over the girl trapped beneath it's talon'd paw, and licks her face experimentally as the girl's features screw into a ball, trying not to breathe as she's doused in ropy, foul monster saliva.

    Definitely not-food.

    The monster lets loose a frustrated, low-rumbling roar as it releases Moroe and turns its attention elsewhere. Moroe, for her part, is frozen for a second or two with disbelief before she slowly moves her hands up to wipe her face clear of the monster's slime. She holds her breath as the creature snuffles through her backpack before finding a high-calorie MRE, the shiny packaging vanishing into the creature's maw in one gulp as it consumes its consolation prize before sulking off into the dim light of the room, barbed tail flicking irritably black and forth as it disappears into the gloom.

    The only sound to be heard is Moroe's shaky but level breathing and the faint hum of far-off machinery.
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