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    Shougos' face twisted as he watched the video, his eyes glancing upwards at the ceiling to check for any hidden cameras. Was he being watched? In his own home? As much as he enjoyed the sight of Daisuke fleeing with his tail between his legs, he did not particularly like the thought of Judgement watching his every move at home. When had his mother agreed to allow them to install cameras in his home, and why? Furthermore, why were they suddenly showing such interest in him?

    The only rational explanation that Shougo came up with was that something big had happened during the three days which he could not remember; something which warranted (unwanted) Judgement attention.

    Raising a wary eye to Ren, Shougo murmured a brief thanks and expressed relief that his grievances had been heard. In truth, though, Ren had told him nothing that Shougo did not already know, but Shougo did not want him to linger any longer than he absolutely had to.
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