"Making camp seems like a good idea, I'd rather face anything that's made its home there fully rested."

Darius looked over at Alexis, "I'm sure you've probably guessed what my trade is by now. I'm a Paladin of Krin, my work is all too often bloody but I do what I can to ensure any blood spilled is only that which is necessary. I served with the army," he nods towards Anthony, "Much the same way as our friend over there did, I joined because I felt that the Army offered the path with the least overall bloodshed for our people."

A haunted look enters Darius' eyes, "I... would prefer not to talk too much about that."

A smile returns to his face, it appears slightly strained "As for my skills, I'm afraid I'm not good for much beyond fighting. I'm not entirely useless in the woods and I tend to be good with people. I think you'd be best off looking elsewhere for fonts of knowledge though."