Tulkar heads into the forest with the group. Bugs buzz around him and land on his skin, and he begins to sweat in his heavy armor. The half-orc genuinely looks miserable. "I hate having to travel through the forest" he says to himself, not expecting an answer. Forested areas are all too familiar to him, and after a while his mood starts to lighten. His misery was likely more due to the fact that he elected to take the road.

He thinks about how to best respond to Alexis' question for a few moments. Deciding he doesn't want to tell them about his dark magic abilities, he says "I rely mainly on a good swing of my axe. Skilled at throwing a smaller one too, if need be." Not a complete lie, as he does primarily use his axes. He is glad with what he went with though, seeing as there was a paladin in the group. He decides that he is not very fond of Darius either. A paladin's morals are more like to get in the way than to smite evil. Besides, he was a soldier; and in Tulkars opinion, wrong. Despite Darius saying that he didn't want to talk about it, Tulkar responds anyways.

He gives a short laugh that could be mistaken for a grunt "Y'know, you've got it all wrong. Soldiers create bloodshed, not reduce it."