Anthony shakes his head at the half orc child Has the kingdom truly sunken so low? We now use child soldiers to fight a man's war? May god or whoever forgive us for that, he should be running around with some pack of children and botching attempts to talk to girls.

"I was a leader of a unit of fighting men, a respected one if you can believe it, I always led by example on the battlefield. I was always first to lead the charge and last to leave the field ensuring no man was left behind, the enemy learned to fear me and my axe. I am exceptionally hard to take down, the one that took my eye and ear learned that the hard way and unlinke standard soldiers I was taught to be a man at arms. Learning the art of war and several combat disciplines, due to the religious beliefs of the house I was also instructed in standard doctrine and history. I am also pretty good on a horse if that means anything to anyone though it isn't important at the moment."