Though your conversation is at times strained, it does help the miles pass. Under the guidance of the druid Uriell, with occasional advice and assistance from Darius and Tamni'el, you move quickly through the forest towards your goal. As you move deeper into the woods, the trees grow larger and the underbrush things. While the edges of the wood is cut back by peasants collecting firewood and timber, the inside of the forest is mostly untouched by civilization.

The quiet stillness of the forest brings with it a kind of peace for those that enjoy the woods. Here, under the canopy, shrouded from the sun, is peace and cool serenity. The little signs of forest creatures tell you that all is well, and the occasional lazy call of birds speaks of contentment to you. The ground, made soft from fallen leaves and moss, eases your steps far more then the hard stone of a road.

For those among you unused to nature, the woods are more disturbing; a place of unnatural quiet and shadows, with no rhyme or reason to them. No landmarks exist to mark your passage, giving the sense that you wander in circles. As night closes in, you find yourself unable to tell if you've traveled a mile or ten, since nothing but your weary legs tells you otherwise.

Thankfully, the night passes uneventfully. The next morning, you're off again, covering the last few miles to the manor. It isn't long, perhaps a few hours after dawn, when you realize that you must have reached the outskirts of the estate. Trees, clearly growing younger as you move farther, block your view ahead, but their presence marks this area as once inhabited and cleared. You'll have to move closer if you want to get a good look, but it looks like you've found your destination.

All that remains is to discover if the Captain was correct.

As always, feel free to continue your conversations. I like the characters, and how they're responding. I also don't want to completely halt the game waiting for them to finish though, so I will still put forward new posts. Doesn't mean you can't continue to talk.