(At the camp the night before, after others have spoken)
Alexis, after hearing the descriptions of the others abilities, replies to the unspoken question:
"I have spent many years acting as an... acquirer of wealth. I have learned to pick locks, disable traps, move quietly and unseen, how to get myself out of trouble, and a fair bit about magic. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that I will use if necessary. I prefer to fight at a range with my bow. I will take the first watch tonight."
(at the manor)
After seeing Uriell's gesture, Alexis moves up quietly to get a better look at the manor.
"I can scout out ahead in a few minutes, to see if there is anything nasty outside the manor. While the cover might not be the best, it is a lot better than nothing. Does anyone else see anything interesting from here, or do we need to take a closer look?"