Oh. That's right. He must mean Ishimaru Moroe; the girl whom he had apparently met over the last few days. And it must have been as he had feared-He had met this Judgement agent over the past few days, eventually culminating in him installing cameras in his house. For the life of him, though, he could not imagine what could have brought him to allow that decision. The very thought of it rankled his nerves; the sanctity and freedom of home was something his father valued highly, and it was a value passed down perhaps even more strongly onto his son.

Still, he would rather that this nosy Judgement agent not hear any of it. They poked their noses into peoples' business more than was healthy already, and rarely did anything when people were actually in danger unless there was publicity to be gained from it.

"Ah. You mean Ishimaru Moroe-san, yes? She is not here. Why do you ask? And my apologies. I was merely...Ah...Remembering where you placed them."

Well. No. That was untrue, he thought, wincing to himself. He and Tobio did come to the aid of Natsume Renbu-Someone who really was in need. Maybe he was wrong. Perhaps Judgement did do some good work.

He still wanted Shirogane Ren out of his house, though. He could not shake the feeling that he had met him before, and not on the most cordial of terms...