(Before breaking camp)

Darius gives Tulkar a blank look. "That is not why I joined the army, and I believe I can say that is not why many joined the army." He shifted slightly, moving so as to be more comfortable sitting, "Tell me, if Arim had no soldiers then do you think we would know peace? Without soldiers, do you think Mizan would have been content taking only the same number of lives of villagers as they did soldiers before leaving us be?" Darius sighed quietly, his head hanging slightly.

How many times have I heard people describe soldiers as bloodthirsty warmongers? Too many...

"I respect the lives of every person I meet, there is never a single person who deserves to die simply because they draw breath. But there are many who do not see things as I do. I believe individuals should be treated as individuals, to stand or fall on their own virtues and flaws, instead many are raised on pedastels by right of birth whilst many many others are left behind. I joined the army, and became a Paladin, to protect those who cannot protect themselves. But enough of this, I'm sure I cannot change your mind on these matters in a single night. Perhaps we can discuss this at a later time?"

Considering the matter closed for the time being, Darius prepares himself for rest.


(At the manor)

Darius' military training came back to him quickly as they came close to the manor, his time away from the fight barely dulling his trained reactions.

Keep Halberd at point, check shadows, listen for threats. He winced a little at the noise he was making moving through the undergrowth, Doesn't matter, advantage of armour outweighs loss of stealth