(In the woods)
"Fine" Tulkar says, seeing as he probably won't be able to change the paladin's mind about anything. Damn soldiers Tulkar thought They're thugs like the rest of us. Only difference is that they get glory and righteousness as shield. A justified man has no limits; one who serves himself won't do anything without good reason.

(At camp)
In his head, Tulkar tries his best to unravel the social equation of who gets what watch. "We should do a 12 hour rest with 3 four hour shifts, two people per shift." He trusts the rest of the group well enough. Alexis's 'acquiring of wealth' sounded a bit shaky, and he was wise enough not to put himself on the same shift as Anthony. Other than that, Darius and Uriell seemed like genuine characters. Neil seemed honest enough as well, although he hadn't told them much about himself yet. "I'll take the first watch as well," he said, finding an answer to his social equation. To be honest, he didn't distrust any pair of the four that were left.