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I'm a sharp foist and file, of course. Ally leans back on her stool, slipping into thieves cant with proud braggadocio. I'm an expert crackswoman and second story girl, having done the odd job as a glazier, jumper, and darksman budge. And me name mi' as well be Kate, seeing how I'm such a rum dubber. You'll find no be'er gilt as can work a charm, screw, or betty with my fingers' skill. She winks flirtatiously at Lynette, completely unaware of Ashley's presence. I'm also an ole hand at the counterfeit crank game and ha'been contracted by jarkmen to do hard jobs, ones they couldn't themselves, see.

To translate into modern english, Ally claims to be an experienced pickpocket and burglar, as well as very skilled at opening locks, which she considers herself to be the best at. She also claims to be an excellent con artist and such a good forger that professional forgers turn to her do jobs they can't. I'm not sure Lynette knows thieves cant, but if she doesn't, Ally will let her know what she means.
Ally brushes off the deadtime and takes a look around the tavern to figure out what's going on with that cloud and who else is here.