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    After the group started towards the manor, Alexis headed to the left front of the group, relying on her skill at hiding to keep her safe from harm. However, before she had gone very far, Alexis heard rustling in the trees behind the group, so she freezes in place, and turns.
    What interesting creatures these are. Like lizardmen, but smaller. These would be kobolds then. Not as impressive as I imagined them. I wonder weather they are hostile.
    The kobolds begin calling out in draconic: "Invaders", and "Kill the humans!" they cry, readying their spears as they come.
    Well, I guess that answers that question. I think I will save my magic for now, however. If we can't take these without magic, we probably have no chance in the manor itself, which probably has more of these. I wonder if the others heard the noise.
    Alexis, upon realizing that the others may not have heard the rustling behind them, calls out a warning "Hostile kobolds coming up from behind."
    Alexis checks to ensure that there are no allies between her and the kobolds, and then she shoots at the closest one with her longbow.
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