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Ivaz will glare him down as the Crusader goes into his explanation of things.

At his question, she finishes her drink and sets the glass down hard.

And what if I wasn't, hm? What then? You gonna "take me in"? Huh? Gonna "make me see the error of my ways"?


You mention all these laws, but you seem to forget something. It is within the realm of possibility that I just don't care. About any of it. Especially justice. That's just a concept who's definition depends on who's in charge. Who's got the upper hand. Who's got the majority vote.

Ivaz will swing her feet from the table and stand up, still glaring at the Crusader. The laws are made by whoever's in charge. So's justice. All that stuff is just vague concepts that, when you really get down to it, don't matter in the grand scheme of things. That's all human stuff. Made up. Never existed before we did.

So, I'm just going with nature, in a way. Doing what the planet does in regards to your rules. Not caring.

Oh, and all those scenarios you just mentioned to...uh...whatever that thing is? Yeah, I usually wait till after I do those to get drunk. Can't enjoy them when I'm intoxicated.
Ivaz gives a malicious grin and puts her hands on her hips, waiting for the Crusader's response.
As he listens to Ivaz's response, the Crusader's hands begi to clench into fists, and it is obvious that he is appalled by what he hears. Any attempt at politeness is gone in his rebuttal, which is spoken in a harsh, condesending tone:
"Except in the grand scheme of things, law and justice do matter you ignoramus, for they are the glue that hold society together. And these are not just concepts we 'made up' many of the laws are based off divine mandates from higher powers, whilst others are based off the innate sense of right and wrong we posses known as morality. We all come to know what is good and what is harmful to the group as a large, and thus seek to punish those whose actions harm others or society as a whole, because we know it is the right thing to do. Many also innately know when a law is unjust, one made only to serve the interests of a few and not the people as a whole, thus can deduce it is the correct path to not follow it. Yes the majority determines the rules, but that does not necessarily make them wrong, and if they are inherently wrong, then it is the moral duty to oppose such laws and seek to change them.
So you wish to ignore the laws, say you are better than to follow what you take to be made up concepts, and imply you are better off for it. Yet if we followed the rules of tooth and nail, it is doubtful that a pitiful creature such as yourself would even exist, having been eradicated by predators more fearsome than your lowly self could ever hope to achieve. Besides, I am certain that if you were wronged in some way, such as being robbed, you would crawl whining to the authorities, asking them to catch the one responsible.
I suggest you repent for your obvious wickedness, for though it may seem advantageous to you in this life, it is a destructive path that will likely leave you dead or worse. And I do not believe I even need to begin to explain what horrors await a hellbound heart such as yourself."
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"Actually, that argument doesn't exactly help in this case. Sorry." it says to Amist, who's player is likely referencing Mike of It's Walky.(cookie?)

"Well, with spousal abuse, there are normally more serious problems under the seams than meer alcohol use. You have a point with drunk driving, and maybe even the sexual immorality, though I would place that much more on the advantage taker than alcohol. But this still doesn't improve your approach, maybe a less secular approach, and a more tactful one than standing on a soap box in the middle of a bar." He then tries to float between Ivaz and the crusader. "And also avoiding fights would be absolutely wonderful!" On eye looks at either of the two potential combatants. "There is no reason to fight. He means no illl will and she is simply attempting to antagonize you! Fights make my stomach lurch, so let's avoid them if we can, eh?"
Turning his attention back to the flumph, the Crusader returns to his previous more cheerful tone and responds with, "Well you do have a point with the abuse of family and advantage takers, though I must say I don't see a better alternative to my methods. Most of the patrons would simply ignore any other approach I may take, but this way they must hear what I have to say, and reconsider what they are participating in. Furthermore, I cannot secularize this, for I am on a most holy mission, to downplay it would be nigh heretical. I realize what she attempts to do, and I do not intend to start a battle in here where innocents may be harmed, though should the vile creature attempt to do harm, I will act to save these souls from her wickedness."