As Uriell attempts to approach the manor, Hu begins a low growl and looks backwards. Instinctively Uriell turns to see kobolds emerging from the underbrush carrying some fresh kill.

As Uriell gets ready to attack he sees his large companion Anthony barreling towards the kobolds. As he watches the man charge the kobold he sees an arrow fly by his field of view at another kobold.

With relative ease, Uriell grabs a bullet from his pouch and fires his sling at the kobold to the side of the one Anthony is attacking. As he fires, Uriell yells for Hu to attack, and the dog is on the kobold in a flash. As Uriell hopes his bullet finds its mark, he can already see Hu positioning himself to bring the kobold to the ground as he has done with so many other creatures of the forest.