Also sounds like a guy everyone else in that room will likely be better off long term unloading there most damaging encounter power on right that second in a surprise round.

Also, there is the small matter of the fact that he actually accidentally admitted to killing them all himself in the second to last panel if you look closely at the grammar of the whole strip. That's all Chandea or Ell should need to be justified to waste him.

And 45 should let him have it at that point cause guess what, it only happened cause everyone was jumping on him to take care of the fact that he murdered innocent people who trusted there lives to him and used there corpses for a bluff to win a contest that at that point he had lost in every meaningful sense of the word, and lost horribly at that, which ultimately only happened because of his own idiocy and Ego-mania. He'd probably throw Peanut at him two and get the hit in just because.