As the kobolds charged forward, they had doubtlessly expected the party to be as surprised as they were. Before they had gone a dozen steps in their charge, the were proved wrong.

Alexis' arrow flew past the one closest to her, leaving a bloody wound in it's shoulder. Though hit, it's still alive, but the fear in it's eyes has grown. Only it's instincts to kill keep it from fleeing in terror.

Tamni'el's shot proved the better, or perhaps luckier. Firing an arrow at the next one in line, it sinks home in the kobolds throat, toppling it to the ground. The kobold drops it spear as it thrashes around on the ground and clutches at the shaft, gurgling out it's shock in it's last few moments of life.

The kobold charging towards Uriell appears to be quicker than it's fellows. He ducks under the druids sling bullet, bringing his spear around to block Hu from ripping out his throat. Uninjured, he spins to confront the dog, not daring to leave it's back exposed to it's jaws.

The kobold Anthony chose for a target stops in surprise – and terror – as it see's the large man roaring out in a strange tongue as he charges right towards it. With a yip of pure terror, it tries to scramble out of the way, but is far too late. The armored warrior slams into it with full force, not even bothering to use his weapon. The kobold's broken corpse is flung backwards by the force of the charge, vanishing back into the underbrush.

The other kobolds hesitate, staring at the giant in their midst. It's clear they're on the verge of breaking, when from within the shadows issues forth a series of yips and barks. Even those that don't understand the language recognize them as commands. Inspired by the commands issuing from the the unseen leader, they resume their attack.

Of the six kobolds that charged from cover to attack with their spears, two are now dead. Now, at the commands of their leader, they change targets, screaming out their hate and fear as they charge forward.

Two kobolds, including the one wounded by Alexis, charge Anthony, seeking to flank him. The wounded one, casting glances over it's shoulder at the elf who wounded it, moves first, rushing forward with a wild stab at Anthony. Still straightening up from his half-crouch, Anthony takes it on the armor, earning nothing but a slight cut.

Any pleasure he feels at his success there is wiped away in a moment by the attack of the one behind. This one, more experienced the other, steps forward and drives his spear into the gap between armor, twisting the spear before pulling it out and readying for another strike.

The kobold cornered by Hu attempts to stab the hound, joined by another who charges forward to deliver a spear thrust. The hound easily dodges both attacks, snarling and snapping at the two foes in front of it.

It is then that another yip emerges from the underbrush, followed by a small flight of sling stones and a bolt. One bullet nicks Tamni'el, barely bruising him as he dodges aside. A second bounces off of Tulkar's armor, not even leaving a dent, while a third sails over Alexis' head, missing her completely. The crossbow bolt buries itself in Uriell's armor, barely penetrating it.

A third yip calls out, as the party prepares to respond to the attack.

For those that speak Draconic:
Kobold Orders: “Be strong! Protect the lair! Tikak, Akrin, the big one! Wacin, help Sulu! Slingers, load! Gyrax will reward us for their deaths!”

Second Yip: “Fire!”

Third Yip: “Reload!”


Your turn: Jesu Christo Morbis, you pounded that kobold into meat paste. Arch, you wounded yours, Electro you killed your target, and Holice, you unfortunately missed, as did your dog.

They're turn: Morbis, you take 1 damage from the first kobold, and 6 from the second (critical hit). Electro, you take 1 damage from the stone that hit you, and Holice you take 1 from the bolt.

And it's now time for group 3.