She's silent for a few minutes, but spills the details eventually.
In short, she managed to cut herself off from everyone, even the one Aspect she had in that timeline...
After it ended badly with (that sea goddess of Moofin's I forget the name of and that makes me unhappy but I think it started with an L?) and Brigitte, she started drinking pretty badly... leading to her pushing away Ari, basically starting a vicious cycle of isolation causing depression causing self-destructive behavior causing isolation, which was getting a little better until she got divorced from Gen and then came the downward spiral. Chris left with the kids, Angela stopped talking to her, and Tobias had to put her under observation.
Eventually, she broke out and got violent, having to be subdued by Kyne (how she got that eye scar). She left and holed up in her realm and stuff, and eventually left the timeline altogether.

Having gotten it out, she gets up and comes back with a bottle of scotch and two glasses.