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Thread: Kingdom of Arim I (IC)

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    Tulkar surveys the situation. He is near the main section of the group at the beginning of his turn. Well, he thinks The pervert may be annoying, but he sure can fight. As for the rest of them, he was not so impressed. He figures he is quite a bit tougher than them in combat, and that they probably would do best with benefit from Darius, Anthony, and himself taking the heat of melee for them.

    Seeing one shout commands, he figures him to be a leader, therefor the best target. He is too far to attack him effectively, but he does wish him harm done with passion. As a free action, Tulkar casts a hexblade curse on the Kobold leader.
    He must now make a will save DC 13, or take a -2 penalty on most things.

    Next, Tulkar pulls out both of his weapons, and charges in to battle. Then, he releases a blow of his war axe onto the Kobold.
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