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    Default Re: [4e] RB OOC Thread 2 (all welcome to post)

    Leyden (the succubus) should be gone by now, so that shouldn't be a problem.

    For 6th level feat, Elden has gained Power of the Sun, which grants him a +2 feat bonus to Insight and gives any enemies hit by his Sun Strike vulnerability 3 radiant. (I would have been interested in Power of Hope as well, hadn't practically every single domain feat been tied to Avenging Light. That said, I certainly can find good use for this one. )

    For his 6th level power, Elden has learned Astral Step, which is a daily power that takes a move action and allows him to teleport himself and all allies within 5 squares of him 3+Int (6, right now) squares, turning the battlefield even further into a game of divine chess to Elden.

    Also, his max HP rises to a stunning 44.

    I have no idea of what to do with Adalhard either. Avgust never gave me any instructions on the matter, and since I don't have the right book, I can't even tell what his new max HP becomes (probably 63). The skills won't be any problems, however.
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