Seconds into the battle, Tulkar and Darius charge into the fray behind their faster comrades.

Tulkar glares at the newly revealed kobold leader, promising pain and death with his eyes. More then mere emotion seems to pass between them, and a cold feeling momentarily passes over the woods. The kobold shudders for a moment, staggering slightly. He looks up from his crossbow, eyes scanning the battle to try and find the cause of his unease.

Without even waiting to see if his curse would be effective, Tulkar charges across the battlefield. One of the kobolds fighting Hu manages to duck a savage blow from the half-orc's axe just in time.

Darius' charge to the aid of Anthony results in more success. Fixated on the massive, roaring warrior in front of him, the kobold never even see's Darius coming before the point of the paladin's halberd slices through his ribs and into his hearth, dropping him lifeless to the ground.

The kobolds start to show real signs of fear, but they continue to press the attack.

Okay then.

Darius, you hit and killed your target, the healthy kobold attacking Anthony.

Tulkar, unfortunately you missed, but the curse was effective.

That leaves 2 attacking Hu and the injured one in front of Anthony; and the ones in the bushes - you can all see 4 of them now, 3 with slings, 1 with a crossbow - since they attacked.

The ranged kobolds are about ~45 feet or so away from the ranged people, and the melee people (both sides) are about 30 feet away from the ranged party, 15 or so from the ranged kobolds. You cannot use Charge on them by the way, since underbrush counts as an obstruction, and they're hiding in it.

An on that note, it's now Group 1's turn again. Let's see if there's any kobolds left over to take their turn!

Group 1: Alexis, Uriel, Tamni'el, Anthony