Cursing quietly to himself, Uriell is not happy with his last shot.

I really need to practice some more with this, but for the time being I just need to focus.

Bringing his sling up again, he aims at one of the kobolds attacking Hu. Whirling the sling overhead, Uriell takes a deep breath and snaps his wrist and watches as the sling flies directly at its mark. There we go!, he thinks positively.

But seeing now that the kobolds are trying to flank Hu, Uriell begins to move in with spear in hand.


Hu seems to be having a rough time with these kobolds. Use to defending against larger creatures where his speed and agility count more, these kobolds are proving to be quite the handful. Snapping again at the one, he tries viciously to land a bite on any part of the kobold he can sink his teeth into.