Gah, I guess when I get the 500 error from the server I should check to see if it's actually gone through rather than using the opportunity to add bits. Now I can't delete either of them cos Rich has replied to both :P

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That's the image I provided to run with the interview, so it looks like the interview got scrapped and only that short quote survived.
And here I thought I recognised the quote as being from one of the earlier Kickstarter updates, and figured they'd just done their homework. (It's in the 5 things in update 35, but it's such a heartfelt sentiment that I don't blame Rich for using the same phrase for it twice. Not all the things you say to journalists need to be original, and most aren't.)

Oh well, I guess that journalists do interview a lot of people and don't always publish the full interview. I hope they didn't actually promise to publish it in full, or if they did, that they'll make good on that in the future...