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The thing is, however selfish his advice may have been, he did have a point. He was playing the odds, and doing it in a fairly sensible fashion. He just got unlucky with a surprise random crit from the monster.
Yeah, if a crit was 26 hit points, that means a normal hit would have been probably somewhere in the teens. The dwarf was at "single digit hit points" meaning a hit in the teens would have dropped him, but left him alive, with Ardon sitting right there to Inspiring Word him back up the following turn.

That said, 26 damage, even on a crit, is pretty nasty for a monster in a dungeon for 2nd/3rd level characters.

Anyway, my guess for how Ardon gets out of it is letting Chandea take the bulk of the loot from the dungeon to buy up residium (sp?) to resurrect her party. It would also explain why Ardon went through the trouble of keeping the bodies with him beyond just the shock value/bluff check at the beginning.