Tamni'el saw that a number of the kobolds were falling, and earlier he recalled hearing one of the kobolds exclaiming something about Gyrax rewarding them for their deaths, or something like that. Anyways, as he looked at the field, he felt he couldn't get a clear shot off from his current position, so he moved at least 10 feet to find a clear shot at one of the kobolds that still lived. Pulling out another arrow and setting it up in the bow, he pulled back on the string. *Don't waver on me now, arm...* he thought, feeling his right arm beginning to feel weak. Hoping he aimed good and quick enough, he let the arrow fly at one of the live kobolds, preferably a sling-shooter if any still lived.

Ok, since Tamni'el moved at least 10 feet, as a scout his Skirmish ability kicks in, giving him an additional 1d6 damage