I have to say that that is largely because I just typed it up as I went without a clear idea in mind on how to do things (same with Oskar), the only exceptions being "examine [name]'s work" and a general presentation style. Admittedly though, I was trying to do my best with it and yet get it up fast enough to get something in this thread again other than some basic Tiering, as the side-discussion on the Tiering Obstacle Course seems to have drained the life away from here (and now it is on Myth-Weavers I don't know how it is going).

On the other hand, I have to say that for you, analyzing your general style is much harder than with Oskar. This is mainly because Oskar's focus is very clear (his Retoolings), with a handful of other things on the side, whereas you have things all over the place with no coherent theme between them. I can tell you though that you have a very good feel for base classes and I think you do pretty well with PrCs as well (though I find it harder to judge PrCs in general, personally). Your feats are rather lacklustre for their effects based on the levels you could get them at, though some (like the later stages of the Lightningblade feat chain) have good effects, though with too hefty prerequisites. Your Dreavarr races are very nice, though I find it hard to judge them on their fluff, as they all still feel very very similar, though more information on the world might well change that. Your other races mainly seem to lack the same sense of balance and innovation, but your Dreavarr races are more recent, so that's okay. Aside from that you've dabbled in a few other areas of homebrew, to which I just have to say that I'm surprised you haven't created more monsters, as the Sons and Daughters of Silence turned out well and can easily convey a sense of creepiness in a game. The spells are old and it shows, as they appear to have hardly any balance for their level at all.

Overall, it was easy to see that from 2008 'til now your skill at balancing homebrew has increased for certain, as your newer races classes have much better balance and more innovative features, though I can't say much of the other areas, as you haven't created spells or items of any sort since then, at least not having posted them on GitP.

On another note, was there anyone else who had trouble with either my form of presentation or the extent of it, regarding either Lord Gareth's Tiering or T.G. Oskar's?