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That's under the assumption that he is telling the truth.

Especially since he already won the contest, admitting he made bad decisions and lost because of luck is better than admitting he killed them intentionally...

Let's wait for the rest of the story, we still have 2 more corpses before the one he killed in "self defense".

Personally I'm inclined to believe the version of events being relayed. I mean with this first death he's already more or less admitted that the Dwarf died as a result of a command he gave, even if it did seem like a strategically sound decision at the time.

If he were going to lie, he'd be giving a story about how it wasn't his fault at all, where he had a brilliant plan to win effortlessly, and the party didn't follow his directions, leading to their deaths, and the halfling attacked him because he blamed Ardon for their failings, or something along those lines.

Mind you Ardon may just be going with something that places more blame on him to make it seem more believable and exonerate him, but that's pretty meta.