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    Nycca Eat Nothing, Entries 3, −1, & 0
    Entry III - seeing dead clients in my dreams
    It's been a while since I've felt like writing---about one and a half weeks, actually---so here's what's happened since then.
    Every night, Sherry would stay with me and try to calm me down when the dreams started up. It didn't take long for her to find out that this meant she ended up getting little to no sleep, but she kept at it even when I told her she didn't need to stress herself out like this... until a few days ago, when she nearly fell down the stairs because she couldn't keep awake, even standing up.

    Even then, Talina only got her to agree to stop by volunteering to take over herself... so for the past few days it's felt a little weird, though it's comforting to still have someone there when I wake up in the middle of the night, though when I find myself shivering in her lap I always feel smaller than normal---she's tall. It's both a little unsettling and kind of comforting, both in weird ways.
    I also started eating a little today, mostly because everyone seemed really disappointed that I wouldn't.
    I'm not giving up on this, though---I'm just going to have to wait a while.


    Entry −I - sometimes you're taken places
    {Archivist's note: This entry is a recently-discovered and mostly-intact letter sent from Nycca (no surname on record) to an unknown relative or friend no more than one week before her enslavement. The letter never reached its intended recipient and was lost, incurring damage before it was found. Some damaged parts were repairable to the point that they're readable, but some parts are left ruined.}
    Dear [unreadable],

    It's nice having gotten to the city, finally, especially since I found a job so quickly---I'm working at this bar called Smokander, and it's pretty nice. I have to share a room and bed with another girl named Sherry, but since we work different shifts (early for her, late-night for me of course) it doesn't feel as cramped as it could. And hey, I have a place to stay and money to [rest of sentence unreadable]
    Some of the guys who come here are a little creepy, but when your bouncer is one of those [unreadable] golem things you don't get all that nervous.
    None of us have had to clean the back room yet, and that's the only weird thing... the manager always does it himself. Says it's [unreadable] and we girls have enough work already. Nice of him, just slightly odd.

    I'll be sure to come back and visit when I find the time, but for now I've got to focus on my work here.

    Nycca [unreadable]


    Entry 0 - bloody sheets in springtime
    {Archivist's note: This was recovered from the belongings of the girl referred to as "Lenia" in the first entry; in a moderately-damaged sketchbook (presumably Lenia's). Several folded scraps of paper were put between the pages of the sketchbook, and appear to be products of Nycca's distress during her enslavement, as well as other victims' writings (judging by content and handwriting)}
    guess it was too good to be tru after all
    i'm still sharing a room with sherry but there's no shifts, we mostly just wait and hope nobody comes
    but they do, usually send out the one that's not picked
    nice to have someone to lean on when it's over tho
    sherry lasted a few days before she just stopped smiling. after knowing her before this it just feels wrong not seeing her happy
    they took my tinted glasses so she keeps the lights dim most of the time she's in the room
    she visits next door a lot to see this girl marina, and she looks a little more okay when she does thats nice i guess
    good thing about getting hancuffed in this place, most of the cuffs are padded
    bad thing about getting cuffed YOU STILL GET CUFFD they have my wings bound already so yeah it's great to hav more muscles thatll get achy from tension
    not regretting it though, i got it caus i bit a guy for hitting marina
    hell even getting kicked was still worth it
    i bit another one they didn't care he had it coming
    said somethin abot "put the little bitch in the blindroom" i dont care
    sounds like a totally dark room, oh no it's not likemy eys are senstive an i got good nihtvision or anything
    oh wait i do
    {This particular note is severely crumpled and has exceptionally bad penmanship, but is still recognizable as Nycca's}

    {The next two notes are not Nycca's, but appears to be that of another girl whose job it was to tend to Nycca in the "blind room"; the writer's specific identity is not certain, but may be Lenia.}
    i don't kno where they got all those photography lights for the blindroom
    but it's HOT in there hot an dry she's always getin nosbleeds
    evertime i go in ther to clean her up i have to scrub her face and chest down to get the stains off
    and the light THE LIGHT
    it's so bright i have to wer shades when i'm in there, i'm sure she's half-blinded now
    like permanent
    that healer lady's gonna go nuts about this when she comes back, wonder if i should show her the note nycca slipped me today

    i was rigt, talina (found out her name) nerly had a fit about it
    she took her out, put something in her eyes, bandagd them, said she couldn't work for a few days
    i think she even let her stretch her wings an hour or two gods bles er
    nycca won't eat though, i have to force her to eat an if she trys to cough it up i don't know what i'l do
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