Hey, everyone. For my own writing of characters on the FFRP area, the one thing that bothered me about my own was how little substance was given to one of my own character's back story. So I decided that I would put together a few entries. I hope you like em.

The First

There was a deafening roar that ended as suddenly as it began. In the midst of all the noise a sharp flash of light as well as a thick burst of heat struck the young researcher as she stood, observing through a pair of binoculars a hundred feet or so away.

The post explosion silence was broken by the groan of a young man who stumbled away from the site of the flash. He was clad in a gray uniform that had a thirteen point star on the left shoulder and a large black number one on the right shoulder.

"Hello," the researcher called out as she lowered her binoculars, "my name is Juna. Are you alright?"

The young man looked at Juna with a pair of blue eyes that seemed to glow slightly. He remained silent before collapsing where he stood.

Juna rushed forward, dropping down to her knees to survey him for injury. Though there were no injuries on his person, there was on the inside of his left wrist, in what looked like black ink, another thirteen point star, similar in design to the one found on his coat.

Once Juna was satisfied that he wasn't injured, she radioed her assistant who came to pick them both up.

"Who's the guy?" The assistant called out as he lifted the young man into the back seat of the car.

"I'm not sure," She responded as she sat in her own seat, "I was told that someone would appear here, tonight but not who. I suppose we will just have to ask him when he wakes up."

The assistant silently nodded as he turned on the car and drove them both away.