Alexis' arrow flies true, striking the kobold leader. He lets out a yip of pain as it hits, but doesn't fall, instead turning to find the source of his pain. He turns just in time to see Alexis drop prone into the grass, preventing an easy shot.

Meanwhile, the kobold in front of Anthony manages to scramble aside from his furious swing. Rushing back in, he thrusts at Anthony, but the plow is parried, with Anthony's great axe easily holding the small creature at bay.

Uriell's blow against the kobold on his dog's left succeeds, with the heavy bullet badly bruising the kobold. Hu's attack is less successful, the target managing to block his snapping jaws with his spear.

The kobold Uriell just injured glances at him, clearly worried by his attack, but they continue to attack Hu, clearly more afraid of the snapping, snarling canine then they are of the druid. Hu continues to avoid each of their attacks, leaving the fight there locked in stalemate.

The kobold with the crossbow, clearly realizing the battle will depend on the slingers, once again yips out another command; “Ixen!” In response, the slingers once again launch a small volley. As they fire, Tamni'el's arrow, intended for one of the slingers, misses, hissing through the leaves past their heads.

One of the slingers targets Tulkar, the second, Anthony, and the third, Darius. Once again the armor of the warriors proves greater than the slings can penetrate, with the ones meant for Tulkar and Anthony merely bouncing off. Only the one aimed at Darius does any damage, slightly bruising him where it struck his arm.

The kobold leader, crossbow raised, is clearly frustrated. He still doesn't know who's the source of the cold, uneasy feeling that fills him. Now, the archer who shot him has dropped prone, depriving him of a target. Snarling in frustration, he hesitates before swinging the crossbow around to aim at Darius, letting fly a bolt.

The bolt misses, flying past Darius' nose. The kobold, even more frustrated with whatever dark magic is causing his hands to shake, snarls out “Svent, svent astahi!” while reloading his crossbow, clearly goading his followers to greater heights.

For those that speak Draconic:
Ixen means “Fire” (someone provided me with a translator, trying it out)
“Svent, Svent astahi” means “Kill, Kill Them!”

Ouch, the Force was not with you guys OR the kobolds this round. I don't really expect them to get another chance to fix things though.

Alexis hits the leader for 4 damage, then drops prone.

Anthony misses the wounded kobold.

Uriell hits one of the kobolds attacking Hu for 2 damage, Hu misses.

Tamni'el misses a sling-using kobold.

Wounded Kobold attacking Anthony misses.

Kobolds attacking Hu (Injured and Healthy) both miss Hu.

Kobolds attacking Tulkar and Anthony miss, one attacking Darius hits.

Darius takes 1 damage.

And the kobold leader misses Darius by one, thanks to Tulkar's handy curse.

Group 3, you're up!

Group 3: Darius, Tulkar