Darius winced a little as the sling bullet bounced off his armour. That's gonna be a nasty bruise.

Seconds later, a crossbow bolt shot straight past his face, startled, he looked quickly to where it landed, before snapping his head back round and searching for the firer. A particularly noisey Kobold, presumably the leader, proved to be the culprit. Not wishing to take any chances, he left Anthony to handle his already injured opponent on his own and pressed through the undergrowth. As soon as he was close enough, he lashed out with his Halberd, the axe head whistling through the air as it swung closer to the target.

Darius will move to engage the Leader (I'm assuming I can reach him, you said the ranged Kobolds were 15 ft. from us) and then attack him with his Halberd. Darius has 12 hp remaining following that sling attack