Though Darius rushes forward to attack the Kobold leader with great vigor, the kobold proves to be the quicker, nimbly dodging the blows directed at him, snarling at the human who tried to kill him. The kobolds to either side, ignored by Darius in his rush, edge away from the paladin as they reload their slings, clearly afraid.

Tulkar, focusing on attempting to smash his opponent, also meets with no great success. His rapid blows force the kobold to parry and dodge quickly, but aren't well aimed enough to connect. The kobold, worried over what will happen when the angry half-orc in front of it gets lucky, keeps glancing at the slingers, wishing they would kill either the half-orc or the vicious dog.

And both you guys missed. No additional glory for you!

Group 1, you're up.

Group 1: Alexis, Uriel, Tamni'el, Anthony