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    The lack of obstacles brought Moroe no comfort. Her sense of disquiet only grew as she walked through empty corridor after empty corridor. Though she wouldn't have gone so far as to prefer a greeting by armed soldiers, it would at least have been familiar. The distant footsteps she occasionally heard were almost a blessing. But aside from them, she could detect no potential danger anywhere within sight or sound. There were no gigantic beasts waiting to drop from these ceilings (a fact which she verified more often than was necessary).

    For now, the only problem facing Moroe and her companion was that of basic navigation. Since they had no information on this building, they were forced to wander blindly, searching for a sign that would lead them in the right direction. When at last they found it, Moroe was relieved. Her aching feet couldn't have taken much more aimless walking. She ran a finger along each line of the various signs, until it came to rest on a likely candidate.

    "'Psyshielded containment unit'? That sounds promising."

    Not only that, but it was also in the same direction as the hospital wing. Even though there didn't seem to be many people around for Shiki to treat, that still struck Moroe as being a good second choice.
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