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    Dreams and Nightmares - Part 0: Thank you, please come again (Talina, Nycca)


    Gods. I feel like finding someplace quiet and drinking hemlock, or something like it. Not that I will, because then no-one would look after the girls - the people here listen to me when I tell them they need to change something, maybe because I'm one of the few people willing to come here and help the girls without reporting them, and they're afraid I'll leave - but...

    I didn't come three days ago because the streets were flooded, and then I had other places where I was supposed to go help people until now, so I didn't get a chance to get back here until I would have anyway. And after all, it's not like anyone had anything that the instructions I'd left with the girls wouldn't cover, so in theory, it should have been fine.

    The thing is, they stuck Nycca into what they call the 'blind room'. The place is filled with photo lights; everything but the floor is covered with them, and they're left on permanently. And of course, her eyes are sensitive enough even to normal light, besides the fact that the damn things made it an oven, and got rid of pretty much any water in the air.

    I pulled her out, and got something that will hopefully repair at least the worst of the damage into her eyes, plus some painkillers and a potion to restore her fluid levels, since she was dehydrated as hell, then got the bindings off her wings, and sat with her until she managed to get to sleep (which didn't take all that long, as she'd barely been able to get any sleep in there), but she wouldn't be anywhere near as badly off if I'd gotten here as soon as the streets weren't flooded...

    I also want to take the one who ordered it, give him something to dilate his pupils, and shove him in there for a while, but I'm not going to do that, either, for the same reasons.

    I did throw a royal fit once she was out, though. Told them that if they put anyone - but especially her - in there again, I'd make sure whoever did it got something to make them impotent for the rest of their lives, so at least that shouldn't happen again. Though I'm going to start coming in every day now, instead of every three anyway.
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