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    A Popular Mountainside Village, a day's journey from Inside
    Main Floor
    The two soldiers leap into the room, with their swords and guns pointed at everything, ready to fire at anything that looks suspicious. "Everybody, FREEZE!" yells one...only to find that the only person there is Marcos, but with a scar on his chubby face, from his eyebrow to his chin. Was that there before?

    "Oh." The shapeshifted Harley, luckily, noticed them before they noticed her, so she shapeshifted quickly. The scar stayed, though. She thinks quickly. "The thieves jumped out the window, and are running away with several objects. Go chase after them!" she says, pointing at a window that was luckily open.
    "Y-yes, sir." They both run out, following the imaginary thief...and then Harley shapeshifts back to her female form. "I hate looking like men." She continues to go through the unorganized desk.

    Downstairs, in the Secret Passageway

    Marcos halts!
    He holds his hands upwards, over his head, to show that he's unarmed, and he turns around to face the assailant. Just the torch-flare is in his hand. "To whom I owe the pleasure?" he asks, with obvious fear on his face.

    Drat. If only I had made it into that room...I could've summoned allies. And escaped, as well.


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