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@Mut6, 12, 18: great changer -> evolve talent x2.
One free feat every 6 levels as long as you don't buy mut. feats on those levels.
It is more a specific level thing, really. The overall effect is the same since there is a limit to how many times Evolve Talent can be taken.

I'll need to HB some adamantine tips for a spider-droid mutator4.

Choose one natural attack, that attack ignores 15 points of object hardness, if it already has this mutation ignore 5 more points of hardness and deal +1 damage.

You may take this mutation once every 6 levels.

Having a burrow mutation pre-req might do nicely, and under the construct mutation list.
I am going to guess this is a suggestion for a mutation that grants adamantine's ability to ignore hardness 20 or less? It is already in. Check the Special entry of the Smash mutation in the Construct List, it has a special interaction with Material Damage Reduction. Also allows you to build tunnels into mountains using no better tool than your clenched fists.