@Doomy: Your story is interesting, but I'm a little confused---I think the person in question is Grant, but it's honestly pretty vague. Then again, this is just the first part, so future chapters might be more clear; I just think it might have been good to have this first entry be a little clearer.

@Happy: This may sound weird, but I'm honestly not the right person to review this story. I can tell there's lots going on among all the characters involved, but I have very little idea who any of them are (which is on my head anyway) and as such I'm not really able to appreciate what I'm sure is a great and touching story. Sorry.
And here's my next entry in the D&N/NEN storyline.
Nycca Eat Nothing, Entry #4
B]Entry IV - sehnsucht[/b]
It's been a little more than 2 weeks since my last journal writing, and things are getting nice, I guess. The wing exercises were hard at first, and kind of painful, but it's felt worth it---which is something I can't remember feeling in a while.
She says she'll find me somewhere to go flying if my health comes up, and it's hard to explain how tempting that is---I haven't flown since I came to the city, and it's the best way I've ever had to feel free from my troubles, at least a little while.

It feels so weird looking at what I wrote before, though. Every time I look at my empty glass when I finish my nutrient drink, I feel conflicted. Part of me likes the way I'm not feeling exhausted all the time, the way I don't get aches from just walking around.
The other part feels like I'm giving up on promises I made to myself.

Should I be feeling like this for looking forward to something? Is it right to start wanting to live again?