In my current game My friend found that his master had been wearing a belt of gender changing for years to avoid a flirtatious ogre.

Then they saved a white dragon from a fire breathing princess (Fire mephit royalty, her family's going to be looking for answers as to who killed her fairly soon)

Now they "go against the Norm" by fighting a home brewed critter named Norm.

Here he is, roughly from memory.
Undead, Ooze. He's got a 10ft attack that does 2d8 and applies spores, and a 25 foot spore attack. Spores hit you with the slow spell for 2d6 rounds.
Fast Healing 3. When a square is bordered by 3 squares of full health Norm, Norm spreads into the empty square. The only way to keep Norm from spreading across the world is to seal him in a dungeon with tightly sealed doors, or destroy the corrupted amulet at the middle, by "Fighting the Norm" all the way to the middle, in the basement of a dungeon the party just propped all the doors open in. Hopefully they don't flee without figuring out how to re-close a door.

So yea, my game is full of oddity and strange puns.