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I mean, why do we have so many games or entertainment that are centered around the wholesale destruction of an intelligent humanoid race of beings that are uniformly evil? Isn't that kind of an interesting question? Should we maybe not have so many games and entertainment that cater so directly to xenophobia, when so much evil has been done out of the human tendency to write off entire races of people on the basis of a few stereotypes?

Apparently that question isn't worth asking.
This, in a nutshell.

There are no fantasy worlds. There are no orcs. They don't exist. All that exists is a bunch of humans writing stories to each other about how cool it would be if we could finally let loose and stab some folks that looked different without having to worry about boring stuff like their inalienable rights. I happen to think that maybe we should be a bit better than that.

If nothing else, it would increase the overall quality of the genre's storytelling if every antagonist needed to actually have a reason for deserving death.

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This is the one thing about Rich I "can't stand". (His posts on it, his actual story telling is beyond excellent.)
It is my highest pleasure to continue to disappoint you in that regard.


All that being said, this discussion smacks of a "Morally Justified" thread, with multiple dips into real-world analogies. Thread locked.