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Waitaminute. The voice of Elden is now controlling Adalhard too?

There will be fireworks.

Teddy, please develop schizophrenia. For your own sake.

And my entertainment.
Yah. I've relinquished Adalhard until the 16 when I come back from the States.

And I think it wouldn't be schizophrenia so much as disociative identity disorder seeing as the voices on his head ARE there.
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Have a nice holiday, Avgust! I'll handle my responsibilities at the best of my ability.
Thanks, and i trust you'll do, hence me leaving them to you.
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Additionaly, since Pinkhair has a super huge complex path going for his level up, I've not idea what I'm going to do with him if we get into a combat before he's back. I doubt we will though. Unless you guys intentionally piss off someone
You overstate my little frost shenanigans. I'll be taking either Winter's Touch [From LaZ Refluffing Repository of Ripostes] (+2 to cold damage) or Winterkin Heritage (Adalhard can teleport and get partial concealment if hit, and has a permanent 5+half level (?) cold resistance), in both cases it is not so much a "if" but a "when" for each one. For the power I get I'll be using my theme's power selection and get myself "Shield" (the wizard's level 2 encounter/daily (?) power) {by paragon I plan to retrain it to the swordmage stance that prevents enemy teleportation, because by then it is actually worth, meanwhile, cranking my AC is so much better}. And I think I wanted to retrain something but I need to get to my PC to remember what.

Sorry for imprecisions, doing everything from the top of my head from a hotel computer while in Boston.