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    Default Re: Dungeons and Drawings art stuff (new: Dark Creeper, Fharnlaghn, Boccob)

    So my last image was the Dark Creeper, which I'm not very happy about. Some have been quite nice at saying that they like it, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it and am glad to relegate it to the bleh pile.

    On a more pleased note, this month marks the two-year anniversary of Dungeons and Drawings. And we'll be doing a specific type of subject for this whole month. God Month! We'll be doing different gods of the D&D pantheon for the whole of this month. And I say "we" because Joe will be joining in on this. Remember Joe? Well he decided he wanted in on this anniversary goodness so you's guys is gonna have twice the amount of images this month than usual.

    I did Fharlanghn, he-whose-name-is-annoying-to-spell, the god of travellers, while Joe did Boccob, the god of magic. Originally I wanted to do Boccob, but it's his favourite D&D god so I bowed out and let him work his magic.

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