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    Responses in bold.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kholai View Post
    2D8 is probably ravager, yes. Given the language involved however, since it's not actually a Monk, it doesn't gain an unarmed strike bonus, its unarmed strike merely gains two sizes over base which don't stack unless your DM is laissez faire.
    Since the Brawler's fists don't apply as natural weapons, Improved Natural Attack doesn't work either, which is probably for the best.

    The only Breathstealer issue I can see is that they get a +12 to Grapple by level 1 if they're human, and can wrassle and hogtie Ogres most of the time. If your BBEG is going to be anything less than Huge, there's very, very little that he can do if and when he's grappled, since Dimension Door and Freedom of Movement are both out of E6.

    At most I'd move the "counts as a size larger when grappling" to Moderate, since the immediate action thing is pretty situational.

    Seems like a reasonable suggestion. I'll see what I can do.

    For the Battlefist... He could potentially still make ranged touch attacks, but if he hits, he can then choose to pull himself after the fist, making it a sort of super Grappling Hook I suppose? Sounds familiar though...

    ... robot Batman? Hmmmm... what about the reverse? Think Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Tactical repositioning of enemies from range could be a useful skill, and not a very common one. Is there a term for a reverse bull rush?

    For the Cenobite, what about "They may use Perfect Harmony three times per encounter" for their Major? At least this way they could do something actually cool, like move + 'port 100' to their target, then flurry with Hammer Blow on the first attack. They get so little from their Archetype comparatively that triple capstone is almost balanced.

    No offense, but I'd rather come up with something unique to the archetype, something that sets them apart rather than just improved usage of a common ability. I don't know exactly why, other than it tickles the creative problem-solving part of my brain to try.

    Martial Artist: Bear in mind that the Swordsage is a BAB medium class, and the "best" initiator. Perhaps they should be getting manoeuvres as a Warblade in Setting Sun, Diamond Mind and Stone Dragon, with his choice of either Tiger Claw, Shadow Hand or Desert Sun? 6/4/2 with a swift recovery is a bit more reasonable, and since the Swift can be coupled with the Standard Full Attack Flurry that's still pretty sweet. And they can always use Extra Stance and Extra Manoeuvre feats.

    That's a good point. Much of the swordsage maneuvers were probably designed with medium BAB in mind.

    Ravager: Pretty well solid really, they can always switch two +6/+6/+1 if they ever need to connect with things.
    Should possibly add a clause to stop them from:
    - Rend-healing more health than the target has.
    - Using it on non-living targets.

    I'd mention Minion abuse here, but given all the insane things the Tyrant can do, this barely blips on the radar.

    I'm likely implementing a daily minion limit. It'll be high, but still finite. Likely class level + Charisma modifier. Dismissing a minion would add it back to the pool, but killing it would not. Kill enough minions, and the tyrant is looking a lot less intimidating. Adds elements of strategy, tactics, resource management to the archetype, too.

    Also thinking about making minions and henchmen common to the noble class, not just the tyrant, but making the tyrant better at controlling and driving them on. It makes less sense for someone like the duelist (though duelists did have seconds and other various sycophants), but definitely fits with the warchief or the patrician, for example.

    Concerning Engineer versatility: How versatile is the engineer compared to the Red Mage? Serious question.

    Probably more so, at least day-to-day. The red mage probably adapts to change more quickly (especially in combat), but has overall more limited methods (especially outside of combat). It's wizard v. sorcerer all over again, honestly.