Heheh, I was thinking Bionic Commando as well.

Reverse Bullrush sounds interesting, you could simply resolve it "as a bullrush" but with the ultimate direction being towards instead of away from the player. There's a lot of tactical utility there.

No offence taken; it just occurred to me that the most Monk-like features were already present on the main class for everyone to use. If the Cenobyte is going to be more "pure brawler" than any other brawler, one that makes better use of the base class features is one way to go about it.

Probably more so, at least day-to-day. The red mage probably adapts to change more quickly (especially in combat), but has overall more limited methods (especially outside of combat). It's wizard v. sorcerer all over again, honestly.
Alright, expanding on this:

Are you including the fact that the Red Mage gets four fewer skills and a smaller hitdie than the Engineer into this consideration as well?

How does the Engineer compare against the Black Mage? Or the White Mage? The Blue Mage and the Green Mage?

If he's more versatile than primary spellcasters who are Low BAB, 2 Skillpoints and D6 HD, then I'm very much in the "Inventions get beaten heavily with the nerf-hammer" camp. If he's got more powerful options as well, then I'd be suggesting he gets 4 Skillpoints and a D6 HD, just to keep it reasonable.