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    Default Re: Things I May No Longer Do While Playing III: I May Not Iron Heart Surge Rule Zero

    * If my Exalt is secretly designed for the express purpose of recreating the finale to F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu, then he must likewise sacrifice himself in the process of performing his Falcon Punch.
    ** I am not to be upset when the Big Bad uses a perfect defense.

    * It doesn't matter that the Far Realm is a place of utter madness and illogic, the FATALverse is not one of its layers and I am not to trick my players into going there.
    ** No, not even if the whole point is to eventually bait the wizard into casting a spell so that it can "accidentally" turn into the FATAL spell and destroy the whole "layer."
    *** After putting them through this experience, the least I can do is tell the party that they are now immune to the Far Realm proper's insanity-causing mechanic (because it suddenly seems quite sane by comparison), and that the paladin will forever be in the utmost favor of his/her god due to his/her part in this immense act of Good (i.e.- destroying the FATALverse).
    **** If the paladin, or any other PC for that matter, is in fact a she, then that does not even come close to making up for it.
    ** I am never allowed to GM, except in my sick, twisted imagination.
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