With this in mind, it may actually be fairer to make the Brawler medium BAB. It shouldn't greatly diminish the class, and will rein it in here. They'll still handily fulfil the mobile combatant archetype.
However, the Brawler is much more likely to have a lower strength, and so hit less. Add in medium BAB and while not being at monk levels of suck, a brawler will hit far less often.

Also, I would really prefer if the homebrew disciplines stayed in the base class design. I prefer them, to be honest, and as long as you have regular disciplines as alternatives it doesn't matter. And they actually are balanced.

Checking briefly through the homebrew styles mentioned, they get a 5' indestructible Wall of Force that lasts for Concentration +1 rounds
Ok, a very small wall. Don't see the issue.
may make ranged attacks with their unarmed strike up to 30' away
No issue here, if they are 30 feet away, in combat, and aren't just charging for a full attack they do need an option.
a stance that gives +1D6 damage to unarmed strikes (the Martial Artist picks up free power points if you know any Sleeping Goddess Manoeuvres for easy Psionic Focus, so no penalty from it, and just grab 1 rank in autohypnosis)
3.5 bonus damage. Not a big deal.
a Stance that gives Reach at no disadvantage.
Fairly strong. But reach is just a feat away, anyway.
As a counter they can get Wis to AC.
+4 to AC verus an attack? Give me Wall of Blades any day.
Manifest a Mind Blade for the whole encounter (Call the Heartís Blade, level 2 Sleeping Goddess, I'll let you see for yourselves)
Not quite. Not really even close to as powerful as that sounds.
Wisdom to Initiative
+4 to int, that sounds like a feat.
and a three round single target "Silence" which can't be ignored by the target
Ambush feats do this.
and also works on initiators or anyone with class features or feats that aren't passive.
But not this. That last one does sound OP.