The outcome of the small battle had seemed inconclusive; the kobolds had lost a few of their numbers, but still nearly outnumbered the party, who were being slowly worn down. All at once, the odds swung to the parties favor.

Tamni'el's shot missed, but his target hardly noticed, distracted as he was by the paladin in among the slingers.

Uriell had just speared another kobold, the one he had wounded earlier, leaving only one kobold to face himself, Tulkar, and Hu. The kobolds lack of success against Hu alone hardly filled it with great confidence at the thought of fighting all of them alone.

Anthony, possibly irritated at the delay in finishing off his wounded adversary, attacks again. This time he meets with more success, with a solid hit that drops his opponent lifeless to the ground without wasting a single bit of effort.

The battle had just swung decisively to the parties side, when one last shot ended it.

A near perfect shot from Alexis, the arrow seeming to leap from the bow, slammed into the kobold leader in front of Darius, nailing the unfortunate kobold to the tree behind it. It was dead before it knew it, expression still locked in the snarl it had showed to the paladin that had thought to kill it.

The surviving kobolds seem to freeze, all fight gone with the direction of their leader. They hesitate for the barest of moments, then fling their weapons aside and flee, running straight through the party in an effort to pass through to the other side of the woods and the manor beyond.


Alexis kills the Kobold Leader with an excellent critical hit.

Tamni'el, apparently your arm is killing you, you missed again.

Uriell, you hit and kill your target, Hu misses though.

Anthony finishes off the wounded kobold

Okay, so this is a win for the good guys. Let's see if you can finish off the survivors. Everyone just roll a hit, you don't need to pick a kobold. If you get more then one AoO, go ahead and roll all of them, even if you're using a ranged weapon. If enough of you hit, none get away. If too many hit, then you'll dismember kobolds in unison.

Oh and make sure to check the announcements.