Part 2 of "The Mad House" (First part can be found on page 4)

1. PCs enter the basement, which is dominated by those huge wine-casks. The darkness is almost magical, as it seems to try and put out the player's torches and limits any Darkvision.
2. After going down a dirt tunnel dug out from the basement wall, they enter a small room. Two doors, one set of double doors on the left, one on the right with a pair of tables. There's a body on the closest table. It's a human with the flesh on his arms and legs flayed to the bone up to the joints connecting to the torso (shoulders and groin). Lower jaw has been removed, as have the ears, eyes, and nose.
3. Player prods the body, which bolts upright and screams, or screams as well as a jawless person can. They quickly kill the person. This particularly freaks out one of the players, who was a med-tech in the army.
4. Players go through the door on the right, coming into a room full of glass vats filled with greenish liquid. Horrific, misshapen creatures can be seen floating in the liquid.
5. Refer to the first page of this thread for this little gem.
6. Upon leaving the vat room, the party goes through the double doors to discover a large operating theater/morgue. There are several gurneys with covered bodies on them. Examination of the bodies reveals horrific and barbaric mutilations (so much that a Fort save is needed to not become sickened).
7. Upon entering the door at the far end, the PCs enter a F.E.A.R. style hallway (long, blood oozing from the walls, screaming, medical sounds that increase in volume as the players go along, ect.). Upon reaching the door at the far end, the players are flung back out of the hallway and against the far wall. Opening the door again reveals another morgue.
8. Past morgue #2, the players find a huge clockwork door with a large, bloodstained press and several glass cases of dying animals. Examining a case of dying dogs reveals that while it looks like the mother is nursing her puppies, in truth, the puppies are eating their dead mother.
9. After bypassing the clockwork door (by powering it with blood), the PCs enter an impossibly large room of cyclopian architecture with a large floating book in the center. Just so happens to have The Yellow Sign on it (Nobody in the group was familiar with H.P. Lovecraft). Large double doors on the far end.
10. Upon reaching the book, the players were beset by a Wright in doctor's scrubs holding a sickle, along with ~12 Evolved Advanced Shadows. In unnatural darkness.
11. After beating the Shadows (friggin' Aasimar and their Daylight spells...), they enter the large double doors to find what I describe as a "stargate looking device". The at-the-time BBEG was busy flicking through planes. He spots the party (The guy was that nasty combo of Factotum and Ur Priest) and summons a pair of Fiendish Fire Giants, then jumps into the portal.

End Part 2. It only gets worse from here on.